Scottsdale Realtors

Mawyer LogoIf you are looking for a professional Real Estate team focused on homes in the Greater Scottsdale Area, then we are the team for you. To save you time and money, we continually tour homes in the area and therefore know the inventory of homes quite well. With this information, we are able to present only homes that meet your needs and will negotiate excellent purchase opportunities for you.

You will benefit by working with our team, since we are both Real Estate Brokers and each of us has significant corporate purchasing and negotiating experience. You should be aware that since we are Real Estate Brokers, we are required to maintain higher standards and education levels. This means that we provide you with higher levels of service.

Our clients tell us that we excel at understanding their needs, locating great homes for them, and working at the pace that they are most comfortable with. As your professional real estate team, we will be patient with you, so that you feel empowered during your home buying or selling experience.

The Extra Mile–
We are known for being very knowledgeable, passionate, and dependable. We want to be your Real Estate Brokers.

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